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Saturday, February 24th 2018 - 6:56:11

Success Stories

With the Color Wheel Learning Center's unique approach to childcare today, we appreciate responses from valued parents. We thank them for their willingness to share their experiences with the public.

Sample of a letter from a mother of a one-year-old to her teacher:


Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet, loving note you sent to me. I can't tell you how special you made me feel when you told me what you did for Timothy. As a working mom, the hardest thing, without question, is having to leave my babies for someone else to care for.

Over the next months, you will spend more waking time with my son than I will. That's a tough fact for me to live with, but knowing how you have loved and cared for him makes everyday a little easier for me.

Through your note, I caught a small glimpse of the loving affection you show my baby, and it warms my heart in a way you can't imagine.....

......I think that you're going to be a wonderful mother, and I feel so blessed to have you with my son when I can't be there with him.

Thank you again so much for sharing that time with me. It touches me more than I can explain.

With deepest sincerity,
Madison M.

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