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Saturday, February 24th 2018 - 6:56:26

A Journey in Learning

The Color Wheel Learning Center is first and foremost a learning facility that seeks to balance learning, resting, and play time that all children need for healthy development. The CWLC Principles of Learning originate with State of Louisiana benchmarks for Kindergarten performance. With this in mind, we have identified necessary skills by children's age groups. After graduating the CWLC, these skills allow children to continue as self sufficient Kindergartners.

We have five separate classroom wings in the main complex, one for each age group (Infants, One's, Two's, Three's, and Four's). Each age group has a specific curriculum that matches their level of understanding and development.

The curriculum includes an introduction to Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Art, French, Music, and Dramatic Play. Exposure to these critical subjects are essential at an early age to give the children the building blocks for success in Kindergarten. One year olds are exposed to these subjects on a weekly basis. We begin daily curriculum with the Two, Three, and Four year olds.

Additional key areas of teaching and development by age groups are defined below:

Infants (minimum age accepted 6 weeks)

  • Teacher to Infant Ratio: 1 to 4 We offer more individual care by having fewer children than the state ratio.
  • Love: One main focus with infants is nurturing care.
  • Movement: Infants are very receptive to movement which enhances motor skills. Infants rotate between various supervised areas and activities for stimulation.
  • Feeding: Parents provide guidelines to aid in creating feeding schedules. At the parents' request, we will begin the transition of baby food to table food at 8-9 months of age.
  • Baby Sign Language: More than a trend in advanced childcare, sign language is a necessary learning tool that helps infants bridge the frustrating language gap.

One Year Olds (12-24 months)

  • Teacher to Child Ratio: 1 to 7 (state ratio)
  • Curriculum: Scheduled Weekly
  • Learning Basics: One's begin a weekly exposure to Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Motor Skill development. One's are also introduced to social skills such as getting along, outdoor play, and food utensils. Great care is taken for each child's first exposure to academics including numbers, letters, shapes and color. Singing with music is our preferred method for fun learning. A favorite with parents is the "Clean Up" song.
  • French: A basis of the French language is introduced.
  • Baby Sign Language: Although One's have limited verbalization, they can develop communication skills. For instance, we teach them the signs for milk, more, water, thank you, etc. Bridging the gap of language and understanding with sign language opens new doors for one year olds and their parents.

Two Year Olds (24 - 36 months)

  • Teacher to Child Ratio: 1 to 11 (state ratio)
  • Curriculum: Scheduled Daily
  • Learning Basics: We continue the basics of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We build their social and communication development. It can be the terrific two's instead of the terrible two's if children are taught in an environment full of love and understanding.
  • French: Development in the French language is continued at their age appropriate level.
  • Memorization: This is a very important building block for future success in school. Memorization through daily repetition is used frequently to develop this basic skill. For example, the Pledge of Allegiance is a great way to practice memorization.
  • Additional Activities: While supervised by teachers, Two's are introduced to different mediums, such as clay and paint, to create wonderful artwork for their parents.

Three Year Olds (24 - 36 months)

  • Teacher to Child Ratio: 1 to 13 (state ratio)
  • Curriculum: Scheduled Daily
  • Learning Basics: The basics of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies are continued with the Three's. They are taught Alphabet recognition along with sounding out individual Alphabet letters. Numbers are also introduced.
  • Rhythmic Learning: Song and dance are very effective tools to help Three's work towards learning. French: Development in the French language is continued at their age appropriate level.
  • Additional Skills: Three's also develop further social, communication, and table ability. Counting and manners follow suit. Many of the Three's have begun the process of reading by the time they move into the Four's.

Four Year Olds (48 - 60 months)

  • Teacher to Child Ratio: 1 to 15 (state ratio)
  • Curriculum: Scheduled Daily
  • Learning Basics: Major subjects become more challenging and involved for Four's. It is an exciting and busy time preparing Fours for elements needed for them to succeed in Kindergarten.
  • French: Development in the French language is continued at their age appropriate level.
  • Reading: Fours are exposed to the foundations for reading and pick up the skills necessary to become successful readers.
  • Math: Skills such as measurement, counting, number recognition, and identifying shapes are taught at this level which allows for greater transition ease into Kindergarten.
  • Science: The program brings children into the world of experimentation and exploration. From learning life cycles of butterflies to experiments, Science is a favorite with many children.
  • Social Studies: Four's are taught such things as Louisiana cultures and natural resources.
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